May 16, 2013

I visited Mosque !

hi girls !

i went to Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center on Tuesday !!! yayyay !!!
this is part of my class, CCU ( Cross Culture Understanding )'s field trip.

I had been looking forward to visiting there because i had no idea what Mosque looks like. 
actually, it was more beautiful than i thought ! 

here, the description 

The Turkish community who emigrated from Kazan (Russia) built the Tokyo Camii in 1938, the foundation of which stems from the hospitality of the respected people of Japan, and was rebuilt in 2000 owing to some serious damage that it was exposed to. We believe it is performing and will continue to perform its duty as a bridge between the past and the future, and is beautiful in other aspects due to certain unique features. While not departing from the ties of the past with its construction in the classical Ottoman architecture style, it also has an enlightening purpose for the future through various architectural points that attract attention in both construction technology and the multipurpose hall which is a venue for wedding ceremonies, fashion shows, plays, exhibitions and conferences on the first floor. 

We have no doubt that Tokyo Camii will be an alternative place of true learning about the religion of Islam, being a frequent place to visit for hundreds of Japanese every day and would contribute to the centenary relations between the Turkish and Japanese people.
We would be very honored by your visit.

Tokyo Camii Administration

yeah, i knew the atmosphere was very sacred. 
but i couldn't help opening my mouth, because i hadn't known that Tokyo had the Mosque like this and i hadn't seen it before !

this was the first time i saw Quran !
and for sure i couldn't read that.

my dear teacher was also tongue tied ! lol
I believe in god, but somehow i felt my heart was relaxing in there.
the point is, whatever we believe, there is a great presence mush bigger than religions.

I'd like to visit there again.

i bought this souvenir for myself !
dear post card, why you're so beautiful ?

Catch ya later, easy !