May 10, 2013


home sweet home everyone !
finally i've reached my house ... yep now i suspect if my body's screaming.

when I'm extremely exhausted, watching my favorite YouTube channel serve to get rid of my stress.

It works, seriously.
( yet, eating is much better )

( taking a bath with some magazines, iPhone, and your favorite drink will be so much × 100... better )

there're millions ( billions, maybe ) of videos on YouTube, it means you'll be able to find and watch videos whatever you like.

I'm gonna introduce my favorite YouTube channel I've been hooked on !

1. Wassabi Productions

it rates fifty presents of my life ! ........ jk

owing to my dumb homework, i've been chased by time but this one makes me loling and forget all things which vex me.

Roi and Alex are the main characters who make silly videos !
just watch, they AKA Rolanda and Richard.

FYI, i watched their Call Me Maybe parody first whose content is the girl Rolanda ( played by Roi ), who is gross and smelly loves Alex as stoking him ( Alex is so handsome actually ) and another guy Richard ( played by Alex ) loves Rolanda.

the story is kinda complicated love triangle.  

but since it's so funny I always can't stop laughing !

they upload new video every Wednesday called Wassabi Wednesday.

stop studying, put your text book down and check them up right now !

watch before they will catch on !



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