May 9, 2013

organizing your room

hi guys what's up ?
I've had a bad headache since the day before yesterday and i don't know why .... :(

now I'm sitting on my desk with comfy pajama and super fresh ice tea.
these stuffs make me relieved.

anyway, today i'm gonna show you how to organize your room !
( but it's kind of my room tour but don't judge me )

I always decide my aim, theme colors, capital motif of my room before starting my room decoration.

In my case, I was aiming the room which was both elegant and fancy, theme colors are Rose Pink, ( my favorite at all !! ) red violet, magenta, baby blue, robin egg blue, and tiffany blue !

capital motif was butterfly.

here's my enter place which is decorated with my testimonials and post cards.
second pic is my book shelf which contains my favorite dolls and teddys :)

my room has so many opus which my sweet mom, who is an artist designed and drawn. ( sometimes my work ) 

all the certains are order made from Laura Ashley, furnitures are my grandma's.


I made photo clip board, accessory hook, butterfly decorations, paint of zebra.

accessory hanger is my one of favorite part ! 

It took me only 30 minutes to make. 
you will find my name is organized with some sparkle glitters ♡

O My Effin God how adorable is this I totally love this !
you can also renewal your room stuff by costing under 1 buck.

feel free to attempt it when you get tired of your everyday room :)

ttyl, Sammy 

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