Jun 22, 2013

Happy 18th birthday to me !

Unit of the statement : what makes me happy today

Today's my 18th birthday.
I woke up to find the sun shined though it's rainy season.

Special breakfast, lots of presents and heart warming words from my friends :)
all conditions were combined, my day had been perfect.

The Original Pancake House, where i had pancakes was overly good.

then i also discovered my Google image was arranged like this.

thank you Google, I love it ;-)

at that moment, however, hadn't i notice my luck has still been working.

I encountered my bestie "Carrie" on the train by chance.
yes, she had just been back from Italy.

Only after i met her, did my heart confirm the significance of my best friend.

love you all, Sammy 

p.s my favorite this month 
correcting some pictures of flowers :) 


  1. Happy Birthday, Sammy!

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