Jul 31, 2013

Short Trip

hi girls long time no see, today i'm going to present you ....

my short trip to the famous hot spring area! 

my family planned to visit Taiwan, China or Seoul, South Korea, yet i had so many things to organize thus we decided to travel in Japan.

as i am a Japanese, i do love Japanese culture especially hot spring.

btw, in this trip we didn't even decide what to do with the exception of hot spring.
actually the wether was awful ..... 
but these wether ( i mean raining and windy days ) didn't make me let down but relax even excite little bit.   

first day, i did nothing, just gazed at the woodland got wet in the rain and river from the hotel.

I forgot taking pictures of my hotel and the view from there ...... sorry 

but these are photos of the next day, you can see japanese traditional path, foot bath, old elementary school which was build in Meiji era.

oh and i found these straw art opuses, which are funny :)))

my favorites ahahaha ♥ 

well, my souvenir is a .....  dream catcher ! 

i know it's not a Japanese stuff but somehow i couldn't stop buying this.

how adorable this is !

on arriving my house i promptly hung this on the wall just above my bed.
now I'm free from night mares ;) 

yay yay xXX bye 

Jul 13, 2013

Meetup w/ famous YouTubers

OMG - I met Bethany Mota 

hi guys it's Sammy, i have a huge news !

you all know what i wanna say right ? lol
yes, I met Bethany Mota today, can you believe it !? omgomgomg

i couldn't believe that i had first found she would come to Japan, but it was true.
she informed us that the meetup would be held in Yoyogi park on Saturday.
there're so many people (about 300?) unless it was over 35℃ today and was so humid :-(((

while waiting for her, i met Japanese famous YouTuber PDS by chance. 
all girls around me kept attention to Bethany besides PDS wasn't known to girls thus i could take a pic with him. ↓

After i took a pic he vanished immediately, but i think i was too lucky! :) 

Bethany was so cute anyway, she was more beautiful than i imagined.
and was so sweet, awesome.
I can't describe how wonderful she was.

thanks for giving me the best memory ever !

love ya xXX

Jul 7, 2013

art sunday !

hi it's Sammy, how's it been ?

my sunday diary starts from the early morning, somehow i got up at 6........ 
so i tried cooking light breakfast for my daddy, then i made use of banana and peach jam, which i was "given" from the hotel in France.

it was the way awesome, i meant so fruity ♥_♥

speaking of fruits, i visited the art cram school i used to go to see art works.
its theme was food this year, thus not a few people fulfilled their opus related with  eclipse.

yeah i really enjoyed my visiting there, but also nostalgic, i meant good meaning.

my friends, bf exhibited plane, solid, clay, and image opuses, first impression was height of their perfection.
It was not until i went there, i had no choice but to realize :)

i'll show you some of them here.

my bf completed this one, having expressed a eclipse vividly by using  the watercolor not on the entire paper but on the small portion below.

i know it's too skillful! i was flawlessly left out lol

opuses below are my favorites.
some of works get me groaned from interpretation, yet it's the enjoyment of art!

guess which movie did i imagine ;)

after that, i went to the another exhibition organized by my mom, who is an artist.
i'm so proud of her owing to her having respectable confidence, guts and strong spirits!

she is amazing, my heroin anyway :)))


p.s i met my little second cousin by chance, awww you cute little boy!

and here, i found beautiful flowers for you ;)

Jul 2, 2013

Hong Kong

I finally found this.
this video was the one i watched while traveling Hong Kong last year.
It remind me of the last summer memories and chemical brothers's beautiful music.

Love you Hong Kong ! ♥♥ 

Jun 30, 2013

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Katie Sky cover)

June Favorite here!
she is so talented, please let me know  what you think :)

comment below

Jun 22, 2013

Happy 18th birthday to me !

Unit of the statement : what makes me happy today

Today's my 18th birthday.
I woke up to find the sun shined though it's rainy season.

Special breakfast, lots of presents and heart warming words from my friends :)
all conditions were combined, my day had been perfect.

The Original Pancake House, where i had pancakes was overly good.

then i also discovered my Google image was arranged like this.

thank you Google, I love it ;-)

at that moment, however, hadn't i notice my luck has still been working.

I encountered my bestie "Carrie" on the train by chance.
yes, she had just been back from Italy.

Only after i met her, did my heart confirm the significance of my best friend.

love you all, Sammy 

p.s my favorite this month 
correcting some pictures of flowers :) 

May 16, 2013

I visited Mosque !

hi girls !

i went to Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center on Tuesday !!! yayyay !!!
this is part of my class, CCU ( Cross Culture Understanding )'s field trip.

I had been looking forward to visiting there because i had no idea what Mosque looks like. 
actually, it was more beautiful than i thought ! 

here, the description 

The Turkish community who emigrated from Kazan (Russia) built the Tokyo Camii in 1938, the foundation of which stems from the hospitality of the respected people of Japan, and was rebuilt in 2000 owing to some serious damage that it was exposed to. We believe it is performing and will continue to perform its duty as a bridge between the past and the future, and is beautiful in other aspects due to certain unique features. While not departing from the ties of the past with its construction in the classical Ottoman architecture style, it also has an enlightening purpose for the future through various architectural points that attract attention in both construction technology and the multipurpose hall which is a venue for wedding ceremonies, fashion shows, plays, exhibitions and conferences on the first floor. 

We have no doubt that Tokyo Camii will be an alternative place of true learning about the religion of Islam, being a frequent place to visit for hundreds of Japanese every day and would contribute to the centenary relations between the Turkish and Japanese people.
We would be very honored by your visit.

Tokyo Camii Administration

yeah, i knew the atmosphere was very sacred. 
but i couldn't help opening my mouth, because i hadn't known that Tokyo had the Mosque like this and i hadn't seen it before !

this was the first time i saw Quran !
and for sure i couldn't read that.

my dear teacher was also tongue tied ! lol
I believe in god, but somehow i felt my heart was relaxing in there.
the point is, whatever we believe, there is a great presence mush bigger than religions.

I'd like to visit there again.

i bought this souvenir for myself !
dear post card, why you're so beautiful ?

Catch ya later, easy !