May 12, 2013


hi guys, how's your day been so far ?
feels like tg it's finally sunday ?

as for me, I went to African Festa 2013 in Yokohama, Japan today :))

In short, it was one of the largest event in Japan which aims to promote understanding and friendship between Japan and Africa, and offers an opportunity to enjoy African music, lecture, workshop, food and etc... with active participation of embassies, international organizations, NGOs and private businesses !

my precious friend Patrick, who is from Congo informed me this awesome festa !

today was a EPIC day ever !
the weather was perfect, all the music bands ♫ ♪ were awesome, foods were also yummy as tongue tied !

This year African Festa 2013 will be held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Square and the No.1 Building on May 11th and 12th in celebration of the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) to be held in Yokohama on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd With the theme “Hand in Hand with Africa”.

I've never touched on African culture until now, so it's really good opportunity for me to know that.

they're soo agressive, powerful, positive, and have lots of energies ! 
I was encouraged by this festa actually, i can't support children who cannot go to school owing to their health, sex, or some reasons directly but i can understand the fact. 

okay, it's time to introduce food ! yayay !

my lunch was Ethiopian's, which was from African food corner.

on the lawn in the sunshine with some Ethiopian foods.
you know how it sounds good, yes you're right !!!

furthermore, i could hear the ship's arrival sound, because Yokohama is one of the famous harbor in Japan so sea breeze blew comfortably.

It was the first time i ate Ethiopian foods ! 
( sauteed vages, spicy chicken curry, ethiopian bread ? Dabo )

It tasted as all get out gooooood ! and spicy, our and little bit hot ! 


I was fascinated today. 
I wanna get to know African culture more.
Ethiopian food was hella awesome.
Yokohama was hella awesome.

p.s. today, as you know May 12th is Mother's day. 
love you mommy, xoxo Sammy 

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