Jul 31, 2013

Short Trip

hi girls long time no see, today i'm going to present you ....

my short trip to the famous hot spring area! 

my family planned to visit Taiwan, China or Seoul, South Korea, yet i had so many things to organize thus we decided to travel in Japan.

as i am a Japanese, i do love Japanese culture especially hot spring.

btw, in this trip we didn't even decide what to do with the exception of hot spring.
actually the wether was awful ..... 
but these wether ( i mean raining and windy days ) didn't make me let down but relax even excite little bit.   

first day, i did nothing, just gazed at the woodland got wet in the rain and river from the hotel.

I forgot taking pictures of my hotel and the view from there ...... sorry 

but these are photos of the next day, you can see japanese traditional path, foot bath, old elementary school which was build in Meiji era.

oh and i found these straw art opuses, which are funny :)))

my favorites ahahaha ♥ 

well, my souvenir is a .....  dream catcher ! 

i know it's not a Japanese stuff but somehow i couldn't stop buying this.

how adorable this is !

on arriving my house i promptly hung this on the wall just above my bed.
now I'm free from night mares ;) 

yay yay xXX bye 


  1. Sammy,

    We all miss you :(


  2. Sad news about Sammy Suzuki.

    Sammy Suzuki = Suzuki Saaya Japan name (鈴木沙彩)

    She passed away on. 10/8/2013 PM7: 00
    of the blessing of God

    Record the lifetime


  3. Oh Sammy…
    I miss you…

  4. The most beautiful girl in the world, Sammy rest in peace...

  5. I cannot stop thinking about you and your pain. R.I.P

  6. Sometimes i really hate my job. I'm a criminolog i inspect the actions of victim's. And everytime it gives me pain. Rest in peace little girl. I hope you can find happiness and harmony in your sweet heaven.
    Symphaties for your unacceptable tragedy from Turkey...

  7. I heard your sad news. You seemed to be suffered. I never fogive that man who killed you. So I wished you rest in peace.

  8. We remember your 20th anniversary.

  9. So tragic. Please rest in peace and in the knowledge that some justice has been done

  10. Rest in peace Sammy. Miss you so much