Jul 13, 2013

Meetup w/ famous YouTubers

OMG - I met Bethany Mota 

hi guys it's Sammy, i have a huge news !

you all know what i wanna say right ? lol
yes, I met Bethany Mota today, can you believe it !? omgomgomg

i couldn't believe that i had first found she would come to Japan, but it was true.
she informed us that the meetup would be held in Yoyogi park on Saturday.
there're so many people (about 300?) unless it was over 35℃ today and was so humid :-(((

while waiting for her, i met Japanese famous YouTuber PDS by chance. 
all girls around me kept attention to Bethany besides PDS wasn't known to girls thus i could take a pic with him. ↓

After i took a pic he vanished immediately, but i think i was too lucky! :) 

Bethany was so cute anyway, she was more beautiful than i imagined.
and was so sweet, awesome.
I can't describe how wonderful she was.

thanks for giving me the best memory ever !

love ya xXX

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  1. i think im stuck on you, your the beautiful girl ever. rest in peace..