Jul 7, 2013

art sunday !

hi it's Sammy, how's it been ?

my sunday diary starts from the early morning, somehow i got up at 6........ 
so i tried cooking light breakfast for my daddy, then i made use of banana and peach jam, which i was "given" from the hotel in France.

it was the way awesome, i meant so fruity ♥_♥

speaking of fruits, i visited the art cram school i used to go to see art works.
its theme was food this year, thus not a few people fulfilled their opus related with  eclipse.

yeah i really enjoyed my visiting there, but also nostalgic, i meant good meaning.

my friends, bf exhibited plane, solid, clay, and image opuses, first impression was height of their perfection.
It was not until i went there, i had no choice but to realize :)

i'll show you some of them here.

my bf completed this one, having expressed a eclipse vividly by using  the watercolor not on the entire paper but on the small portion below.

i know it's too skillful! i was flawlessly left out lol

opuses below are my favorites.
some of works get me groaned from interpretation, yet it's the enjoyment of art!

guess which movie did i imagine ;)

after that, i went to the another exhibition organized by my mom, who is an artist.
i'm so proud of her owing to her having respectable confidence, guts and strong spirits!

she is amazing, my heroin anyway :)))


p.s i met my little second cousin by chance, awww you cute little boy!

and here, i found beautiful flowers for you ;)

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